aUI - The Language of Space

Project: “aUI – The Language of Space”
Tools used: WordPress, Learndash, Articulate Storyline, Interactive Programming, WooCommerce, Photoshop,

The Big Bang Intro

The aUI “Language of Space” exploratory activity starts from a Big Bang
The Big Bang finishes with the aUI symbols floating in the cosmos, the user matches them to the meaning in the middle
Self Test your knowledge of the aUI symbols with the Elements of Meaning activity
aUI “The Language of Space”, is a constructed language like Esperanto, Klingon or J. R. R. Tolkien’s Elfin languages., created by Dr. W. John Wielgart. His oldest daughter contacted me to build a custom WordPress website with interactive elearning modules and much more still to come. Developing the site called on my training and experience as a language educator as well as my interest in game development and interactive design.

My Contributions
– Complete WordPress site development, visual design and functionality
– Design and development of multiple interactive elearning modules
–>  The Big Bang intro – start with the scrolling text and on follow the directions…(click to go to site page)
–>  The Elements of Meaning (click to go to site page)
–>  Pictograph Test (click go to site page, module at the end of page)
Upcoming yet is the Semantic Family Tree mind mapping module
My Contributions:
– interactive module development using Articulate Storyline
– complete visual design of all modules