Elearning Solutions, Website Development, Online Course Starter Packages, Great Customer Service and Support

Elearning Solutions, Website Development

If you are new to offering training or selling courses online you may be overwhelmed by the choices. The same is true if you are trying to market yourself or sell a product online.  I can lead you towards a solution that makes sense for your needs, and that you can grow with and maintain either on your own or with my help.

Online Course Starter Packages

I also offer Online Course Starter Packages that are really effective, easy to use and affordable.  They are simply the best stuff out there, bundled and ready to go.

If you already have courses online and a LMS in place I can be your go to person for creating or editing courses, and I can keep your LMS working, up to date, backed up, and probably improve on it, if you need it extended in some way.

Great Customer Service and Support

No matter if you are a large or small organization, I offer great customer service.  I call back. I don’t put you off. I don’t try to confuse you into spending more.

Got a nagging website issue?  I’ll zero in on the problem and either fix it or recommend a low cost solution.

How I work

I work quickly and efficiently for my clients. In our initial consultation, we will discuss your goals for the project and I will provide an estimate. l ask for half the total of the estimate as a retainer before I start work on a project. When it is completed, I’ll provide you with an itemized invoice for the remainder due within 30 days. For packages, you just purchase the package online.  If you want extra support, I can provide it at either an hourly rate or on a project basis.