Embed Social Media sites using WordPress

Embed Social Media sites using WordPress. I just discovered a little wordpress feature that I was unaware of that you’ll like. Really easy too. To embed social media sites using WordPress, you can often just paste the link into the editor on whatever page you want it on. To insert an instagram post just go to […]

Choosing Moodle as an LMS

Is Moodle the right option? I feel if you are recommending or choosing Moodle as an LMS, you can’t recommend it the same for all situations. Generally I find that many folks hear about Moodle and think it’s the best option because it is free and it’s been around. But there are lots of other options that […]

Finding Useful WordPress Plugins

WordPress is everywhere, and one of the coolest things about WordPress is the plethora of plugins available to customize your site. There’s two very obvious ways to find out about new plugins you may want to use on your site: Search the WordPress.org plugins directory Google “best (insert_plugin_functionality) plugin for wordpress”. The problem with both these […]