Tools used: Word Press, Articulate Storyline, LearnDash

aUI “The Language of Space”, is a constructed language like Esperanto, Klingon or J. R. R. Tolkien’s Elfin languages., created by Dr. W. John Weilgart. His oldest daughter contacted me to build a custom WordPress website with interactive elearning modules and much more still to come. Developing the site called on my training and experience as a language educator as well as my interest in game development and interactive design.

My Contributions
– Complete WordPress site development, visual design and functionality
– Design and development of multiple interactive elearning modules
–>  The Big Bang intro – start with the scrolling text and on follow the directions…(click to go to site page)
–>  The Elements of Meaning (click to go to site page)
–>  Pictograph Test (click go to site page, module at the end of page)
Upcoming yet is the Semantic Family Tree mind mapping module